Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkins for the boys

Their first hay ride and their first pumpkin patch experience. They also got to feed the goats. It was a fun time with the boys and my cousin, Karen, and her family (Patience, Jaren & Grace). We came home, grabbed lunch and then we're off to our second pumpkin patch with friends Becky, Hannah & Sarah. Then we all went to the park. At the park the kids got to play in a big pile of leaves (another first). Enjoy the pictures, they're adorable!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Luke is FOUR

My, they are growing up fast. For Luke's 4th birthday we filled the floor of his room with 45 orange balloons. He got up at 5 in the morning and came to our bedroom. He said, "There are balloons in my room." I told him it wasn't "up-time" yet and he needed to go back to bed (please). He explained that he couldn't get to the clock (because of the balloons) to see what time it was. (He didn't have his glasses on and can't see the clock without them.) For dinner we had a pizza party. Papa and Boom-Boom, Aunt Joy and Lolly came to help celebrate. We had a great time.

Bend with Grandpa & Grandma Van Orsow

The boys and I had the opportunity to go to Bend to stay with Grandpa & Grandma Van Orsow at the Inn at Seventh Mountain. The condo we were in was one of the nicest places I have stayed. The view from my window was gorgeous. While there, we made cupcakes for Luke's birthday, went boating, played in the outdoor hot tubs and pools and played miniature golf. We had a great time! When I asked the boys what they liked best, Zane said playing in the hot tubs and Luke said getting a birthday card from Grandpa and Grandma.

Sisters in Sisters

Cade and I, along with my sister, Joy, and my niece, Lolly, went to sisters to walk in the Sisters Stride into Autumn 10k. We stayed in a cabin at Clear Lake and the kids had a blast sleeping in beds next to each other. Right before they finally went to sleep, Lolly said "Cader". About a minute later, as though he needed to save up energy before answering, Cade said, "Olly"...then they were both asleep. It was very cute! The walk was great...absolutely beautiful! We took our time walking (we nearly finished last) and stopped for pictures, snacks and whatever else struck our fancy. It was so much fun I hope to make this an annual retreat.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cade's TWO

Okay, so this entry is over a month late, but it's up! Cade's party was almost a flop. We were planning to go to Molalla to see Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Marsha and go to a train park to ride a miniature train, but Cory and I both had forgot that we had committed to other plans. I thought I had until Friday to finalize my plans, but when they fell through there was no reason to delay the party. So, I ran around town to find the gift I had in mind and also made some cupcakes. My parents decided to come and we were going to meet at a pizza parlor. I got home from running errands 10 minutes before we needed to leave and Cory wasn't home. There was a message on the phone from him that he needed me to go to Harrisburg (20 minutes one-way) and jump his pick-up. How could I do that and meet my parents too? Fortunately my parents drove up just as I got off the phone. Mom stayed with the kids and Dad went to get the pizza and pop. Cory and I got back and everything turned out fine. [Thanks Papa & Boom-Boom for saving the day!]
I hope to blog a few stats about Cade sometime soon...

What a boy!

The boys and I had a rough morning. Probably because I stayed up too late last night watching a movie with Cory ("Pride & Prejudice") and woke up tired and cranky (they didn't sleep in). I was trying to take a little snooze on the floor in the family room, but every time I took a head count Cade was missing. He got into the leftover pancakes that had syrup on them. He got into my purse and took out a coin. He got on top of Zane's bunk and was standing up there. All three boys were on top of the couch (against the rules) and were talking through the opened screened window to their dad who was painting. Cade also went into my room and got a permanent Sharpie and was using a piece of floor molding that we haven't nailed yet as a writing tablet. Luke took out the floor vent cover in order to explore the venting with his flashlight. I sent him to his room so then Cade took his turn. Ahh!! I just wanted a nap. I finally came to the conclusion that the nap wasn't going to happen (sometimes I try to deny reality) and started helping the kids get the family room cleaned up before lunch. Zane then said, "It must be hard to have to use all those words when the brothers are not obeying. You sound like la, la, blah, la, la, blah, blah, la, (you get the point)." He was quite serious about it and felt sad for me. Isn't that cute! He just continues to surprise me. I then called a little family gathering and apologized to the boys for my cranky behavior and told them I would try harder. (Yes, they were giving me a run for my money, but I was apologizing for the way I handled it.) They are worth their weight in gold (even on the crazy days) and I sure wish I could be the best mom in the world for them. They deserve it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Things are changing...

Zane told me yesterday that "things are changing". He then listed things that have recently changed: our friends adopted 2 children, Uncle Curtis and Melissa just got a dog and so did some other friends of ours. He has a new school book and he can get his car seat unbuckled by himself. This impressed me so much. I wonder how many 5-year-olds contemplate how their little worlds are changing. Yesterday, he started his Kindergarten school book and was able to read words. Okay, so they all rhymed (hat, cat, bat, mat, etc.) but still, that's pretty good for his first day! When I brushed his teeth tonight I noticed that both his front bottom teeth are loose. Things are really changing...I think it's too fast for me. I'm not ready for my boys to grow up!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We all scream for ICE CREAM

Grandpa Bruce & Grandma Marsha took us out for ice cream. Cade doesn't often get a cone all his own and completely enjoyed it. After seeing Cade's milky mustache I felt that any good (and fun loving) mom would definitely join the fun. So, really, I had too!


Zane and Cade both want glasses because Luke has them. The other day in Costco I let them each try on a pair and happened to have my camera with me. So, now we know that all the boys would look nice in glasses. {Don't pay any attention to the lady in the background. I think she looks like a real sour pickle!}

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, 2007 - Beach Day

We had a great time at the beach today. The weather was nice. Warm, but windy enough to fly a kite. I love this picture of our boys. I can't help but say how cute I think they are. Plus, you can see Cory in the background flying our airplane kite. Pretty cool. :o)

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have always thought that naming a child is quite important. With our boys, I looked at: (1) meaning, (2) popularity of name, (3) initials, (4) how the name fit into our family, (4) extended family names, (5) potential nicknames, and, of course, (6) how many letters in the name.

Recently Cory found a list that we made trying to determine the name for our third boy. Cory thought it would be interesting to blog. So, here we go...

Names I researched. Listed by: name, possible spelling variation, nickname, popularity of name in 2004 as determined by the Social Security Department (1 is most popular), and meaning. If I remember correctly, this is a list containing any boy name that interested me.

Abram (Abe), 588, Father of Nations
Andrew (Andy, Drew), 6, Courageous
Benjamin (Ben), 25, Son of My Right Hand
Eli, 160, Delivered
Elijah/Elija (Eli), 31, The Lord is My God
Elliot, 398, The Lord is My God
Galen, 917, Healer / Calm
Jackson (Jack), 48, Son of Jack
Jesse (Jess), 94, God Exists
Jonah (Joe), 177, Dove
Roy, 470, King
Leroy, 820, The King
Trevor, 109, Prudent
Travis, 165, Crossroads
Joseph, 9, God will crease
Marcus, 115, Warlike
Carson, 101, Son of Carr
Wilson, 464 Son of Williams
Cade, 251, Pure
Silas, 427, Man of the Forest
Ezra, 382, Helper
Trey, 238, Three
Alan, 131, Handsome

Then on 7/20/05 Cory experimented with names and included the middle name that we chose. He also listed the rank of popularity for the first name. I was very impressed that he was working at picking the right name before the baby came...something he doesn't really like to do.

Carson Roy, 101
Jonah Roy, 177
Cade Roy, 251
Darius Roy, 285
Brewster Roy
Dawson Roy, 206
Silas Roy, 427
Trace Roy
Talmon Roy
Sage/Gage Roy
Noah Roy, 29
Henry Roy

He later crossed out Dawson, Trace, & Talmon. I don't know if it was because he wanted to or because I made him. He always liked the name Talmon, but given that our boys are most likely going to be on the shorter side, I thought it sounded too much like Tall-Man. That would be mean!

Another point of interest: We each have a version of three on our lists. He wrote Trace and I wrote Trey. This is because Zane was so sure at the time that we should name the baby Three. We tried to find something that could work, but couldn't.

On 7/21/05 I wrote another list and tried to narrow it to my favorites. I wrote the potential full name followed by a nickname and then the initials.

Peter Roy Gant (Pete) PRG
Abram Roy Gant (Abe) ARG
Jonah Roy Gant (Joe) JRG
Alan Roy Gant (Al) ARG
Cade Leroy Gant CLG
Henry Roy Gant HRG
Roy (Leon)? Gant RLG

Then I tested the name with the family names to see if it sounded right.

Cory, Lori, Zane, Luke & Abram
" " & Jonah
" " & Alan
" " & Cade
" " & Henry
" " & Roy
" " & Peter

I even tried the first two boys first and middle names with a couple potentials for the third.

Zane Cole
Luke Dion
& Alan Roy
& Roy Leon

On the next sheet of the notebook that contained this naming information, there was a "Weekend to-do list" dated 7/21/05 and written by me. Number 6 under Cory's list was "Pick baby name! (w/ help of Lori)". Next to this is written Cade Roy. So, it seems we must have picked his name the weekend following 7/21/05.

In conclusion, whoa, I'm glad that is done and that we were able to pick names for each of our boys that we like, have special meaning, and family significance.


Too cute...

You can't beat SNUGGLE TIME

Zane's first note -- June 23rd, 2007

I didn't even know he was writing me a note...he did it all by himself! Great Job, Zane. I love you and the note.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


The Four Gant Guys before church on Father's Day.

After church we went to lunch at Don Juan's (our favorite mexican restaurant) with friends from our new church. Altogether there were five children age 5 and younger: Zane (5), Reagan (4), Luke (3), Morgan (3), and Cade (1). It was a little crazy, but we enjoyed it...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fall Creek Fun

Cory planned a day trip to Fall Creek for Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day and the family had a great day. Zane most enjoyed climbing up and sliding down a dirt bank. I think the best part of Luke's day was spending time with his big brother. Cade loved fishing (his first time) and seemed to know exactly what to do. (Although, we didn't catch any.)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

To marry or not to marry...

Zane has long told us that he is not going to get married. He wants to adopt many children and live in a house that is attached to ours. (He has very specific ideas for the house.) Recently he changed the plan a bit. He said, "I just want to marry Luke." When he gets older he will understand that you can't marry your brother, but for now I'm just glad that he likes Luke so much. I pray that they (and Cade) will always be the best of friends.

Luke usually says that he does want to get married and, like Zane, he plans to adopt children. I don't know if the boys will follow through with their adoptions plans. However, it is interesting to me that they have developed this plan at such a young age and have maintained it for such a long time. (I think Zane has been telling us his adoption plan for maybe two years...that's along time for a 5 year old!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fun Times

Yesterday Zane said that while he was putting his socks on in the family room God told him that he "should go around the world and preach about God."

A few days ago Cory and I were having a little argument. Zane stood in between us and put his arms up; one toward me and the other toward Cory. He said, "I don't think you're handling this very well." He then advised his Dad that he should do what I want and then do what he (Cory) wants.


Luke wants to be a teacher and fireman. He plans to work as a teacher one day and a fireman the next.

Recently Luke and I had a difficult afternoon. Later I asked him to come over so I could hug him and tell him that I love him. He said, "You're sorry that you made bad choices."


Yesterday I gave Cade a fudge ice cream bar. He said, "Hmm....good."

The other day when we were outside Cade bent down and moaned or groaned. I asked him if he was okay. He said, "No." He stood up and looked down toward his "boy parts." Then he pulled up his shirt & ran over to the bushes and pretended to go potty (something he has seen his older brothers do many times.) It was very funny! Evidently he is becoming aware of when he needs to go potty and I'm starting to dream about a household with no stinky diapers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gravity & Love

Zane said the other day, "Wouldn't it be neat if we unlocked the mystery and could jump to the moon." Before you think he is a total brainiac, we did read a book about gravity that said something regarding unlocking the mystery of gravity. But, I still think it's amazing that he remembered it and used it properly.

Luke usually makes a pretty big ordeal about me leaving. Sometimes it is nice and sometimes not so much. One thing I hope to remember: lately he goes to the door and signs "I love you" in sign language through the window, then he grabs the doorknob to pull himself up in order to look out the window to see if I saw his sign. He does this several times. He is up, then disappears, then the little sign, then up pops his head, etc. It is even cuter because he has to hold down his middle and ring finger with his other hand in order to do the sign.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Blanket, A Song, And Pig Chicken

Cade has a name for his blanket. I think he has for awhile, but we just figured it out. What is the name? Bubba. He actually pronounces it more like Bubbah, but we say Bubba and he knows what we mean. I like that name for a blanket...very cute.

Yesterday Luke was singing a song outside. I didn't pay attention to most of the song, especially considering that most of it was just made up words and the often repeated "ding-dong." When the song came to an end (of which only he would know) he said, "I'm so glad that song is over. I'm really tired." I got a good laugh out of that one!

On the way to Cottage Grove to meet my parents for dinner, Zane asked where we would eat. I told him where and he said that that was where they have his favorite chicken. I said that it was actually pork. He replied, "Yes, my favorite chicken -- Pork." I told him that Pork is from a pig. Evidently he still didn't understand because he replied that Pig was his favorite Chicken. I then explained that I thought he meant "meat." That BBQ Pork is his favorite meat, not chicken. He agreed. What a conversation...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Harvest Party

Here is a picture that I failed to put up 5 months ago...
I just saw it again and thought it was too cute not to include in the blog.
Luke is a Jack-in-the-box, Zane a tin of popcorn & Cade is a park ranger.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Just the way you are...

On the way to Wal*mart I told the boys that I was sorry for being grouchy this morning. Zane said he didn't care about that. I asked what he meant and he said, "I like you just like you are." Luke joined in, "Me too." Those boys sure melt my heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bubble Bath Gone Bad

I gave the boys a bubble bath today and it was a lot of fun until big brother Zane got in and decided to smear bubbles on his little brothers' faces. The pictures will testify to the fact that Zane's idea of fun didn't go over very well.

Driving, Super Heroes & Diapers

I was teasing Zane the other day and told him that when we took the videos back to the store that I was going to send him in alone to return them. He said that he couldn't do that because he would be scared. Although he was too scared to take the videos back, he did offer to drive us to the store.

Yesterday, Cade got angry during lunch and kicked his chair over backwards. It scared me and I rushed over to see if he was okay. Zane also came over to comfort Cade. Luke got down from the table and ran for the bathroom to wash his hands. In route to the bathroom he stated, "The super heroes are coming."

Note of Interest - Cade told me on Monday, 3/19/07, that he was stinky. He patted himself on his bottom. I asked if he needed his diaper changed and he nodded yes.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cade's 18-month pictures

Cade was acting rather odd at his 18-month pictures. It was the first time he was very interested in how the pictures were being taking and completely uninterested in cooperating. We got a couple cute ones, but it was hard work. He only wanted to sit down in one position. If the photographer moved his legs, he would move them back. He wouldn't stand up. We finally got him up as far as a squat, but he was complaining about it. In the end he found joy in running off the platform into my arms.

A Zane story...

The other day while walking we passed a teenage boy on a bike. He was mumbling about being lost and we tried unsuccessfully to help him. As we left I said, "Sorry we couldn't help you more." Zane then asked, "Is his name More; do you know him?" Cory and I laughed.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What did you say?

On Sunday I dressed Luke for church. He looked extra cute and I told him to go tell his dad, "I'm the stud of all studs." He went to Cory and announced, "I'm the Dud of all Duds." He has a little trouble with his "S" sound. After a little practice he was able to get it right, but the first version (although not true) was very humorous.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Speaking of the bodily functions of Luke, I might as well mention Zane's too. Yesterday, while sitting on the toilet, Zane had some serious gas. Cory made a comment about it and Zane said, "Toots come in different sizes." We started laughing and Zane said, "Was I right, Dad?" Pretty funny.


For the record - Luke has only had about one accident at night in the last two months or so. I'm going to have him in pull-ups at night for another week (we're finishing up a package).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dad joins in the fun.

Luke and Cade?? My you've changed...

Luke's creation

Luke drew this back in January. It is a picture of him, Zane and a merry-go-round. Cory and I were so impressed. I've never seen him (or Zane) draw a picture with such detail.

Cory and his 3 red amigos.

Zane turns five (5)!

Zane's party at Grandma Marsha's.
Blowing out his 5 birthday candles.
Zane & his presents.

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