Friday, November 26, 2004

Zane's New Trick

Zane has a new trick in order to avoid things he doesn't want to do. I might say, "Zane eat your dinner" or "Zane sit in your car seat." His response will be, "I'm not Zane." He will then point somewhere and say that that is where Zane is. I will ask, "Well, who are you?" He consistently responds that his name is Man. So then if I ask Man to do the task, he (aka Zane) will comply.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It's My Choice

Today I heard running footsteps followed by some grunting... I knew exactly what was happening. I went into Zane's room, opened the closet, and there he was. I said, "Zane Cole Gant I know what you're doing in there and you told me you would go in the toilet!" He repeatedly replied, "It's my choice." Oh, that boy...

Saturday, November 20, 2004


I have been growing my hair out since I found out I was pregnant with Zane. I have long wanted to do something different, but my husband is fond of long hair. I finally got his consent and went in for a shorter hairdo. When I arrived home Zane ran to the door. He looked at me and then said, "Will you be my Mommy?", followed by "Are you my Mommy?" and then "What your hair do?". He then asked again, "Will you be my Mommy?". I think he liked it and Cory does too! Luke even seemed to try and convey he noticed the change. He wanted me to hold him and he began to rub his head and play with my hair. I don't know what the world will think about my hair, but my family's reaction made me feel great.Y

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Privacy Please

Today I had the crazy idea of using the bathroom all ALONE. What was I thinking? Zane came in and I told him I wanted privacy. I asked him to leave. Upon hearing my request he walked over and got a handful of "privacy" from one of the bathroom tiles above the tub and brought it over. I again try to explain that I wanted to be alone, but he was distracted when I forgot to hold my pretend privacy and stated, "You dropped your privacy!" He dutifully went and brought me another handful. I tried to explain again that privacy meant I wanted to be alone. He literally laughed in my face. During this time in the bathroom, Zane brought me at least three heaping handfuls of privacy and accused me at least once of eating my privacy. Until now, I never knew how funny "privacy" could be...

Color Me Happy

Recently Luke woke up from his nap, babbled a little bit and then seemingly went back to sleep (or so I mistakenly thought.) After a little while I went in to check on him and found him to be various shades of Crayola from his face to his socks. Apparently when he woke up he reached from his portable crib over to the desk top and took down the sack of crayons. Then, upon realizing he was hungry, decided to have a colorful lunch.

Today Zane found a crayon in the car and said he wanted to take the crayon's "coat" off. I explained to him it was called a wrapper and that I wanted him to keep it on.Y

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Little Man

Today I asked Zane to put away his Oreo cookie game and he said quite assertively, "I'm a man!" He seemed to be saying that because he is a "man" he could not clean the game up. Where he got that idea I cannot say (because I don't know.) I sure hope this isn't the beginning of a problem...


Yesterday Zane took off his bib overalls despite the fact that I had asked him not to. He enjoys unsnapping the legs and playing with the buckles so this seems to be an ongoing problem. After I reminded him that he wasn't suppose to take of his bibs, he asked if God was sad. I said that God wasn't sad because he took off his bibs, but that it does make God sad when Zane doesn't obey his Mommy. Zane yelled up to God, "SORRY GOD." He then asked me what God said and I told him that God said that he loves you and wants you to obey your Mommy. I love seeing this spiritual side of Zane begin to develop. I love the fact that Zane is already learning that we can have two-way communication with God.

Toilet Training Blues

Toilet training is not fun; I don't like it. I guess I've never met a mother who did enjoy it. Zane is old enough to use the toilet and will, but he has only told me twice that he needed to go. Today the living room became mysteriously quiet. As any good mom knows, this is cause for concern. I walked into the living room and saw Luke playing with toys, but no Zane. I walked down the hall, looked in his room and then mine. No Zane. I called his name and heard a muffled response from his room. At first I thought he was behind the rocker, but he wasn't. He responded again to my call and I found him in the closet. He had went in the closet, closed the door and was doing "his business." It seems to me that if he has that kind of control and can use the closet like a bathroom stall then there is no reason for him to have a messy diaper. I think all he lacks is motivation. Boy have I tried to find that magic motivation and I will continue to do so until that glorious day when I can say, "Yes, my son is toilet trained!"

Sunday, November 07, 2004

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Poor Mommy

Cory invited the boys and me to a Youth Leaders meeting at a local pizza parlor. Unfortunately, I got a little confused and went to the wrong place. I finally realized my error and drove to the correct parlor. While parking I explained to Zane what I had done. He responded, "Poor Mommy." Zane unknowingly melted my frustration simply by tenderly offering his empathy.

He is using the phrase "Poor ...." more often. He learned it from Dumbo. Tonight he asked me for a donut and I told him we didn't have any. After affirming that truth several times he stated, "Poor Zane" followed by "Poor Mommy" and finally "Poor Luke." Evidently the lack of donuts in our home made him sad for all of us.


On October 29th I left Zane & Luke with my mother-in-law, Marsha. While I was gone Luke took a nap and when he woke up something had changed. He no longer wanted to crawl. Crawling was still necessary, but not the preferred mode of transportation. From that point in time he has continued to work toward mastering the skill of walking. He is still tipsy, but getting more proficient every day. It is interesting to me how quick his state of mind changed; he went to sleep a crawler and awoke determined to walk.
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Monday, November 01, 2004

From the Mouth of a Babe

We arrived an hour early for the Harvest Party at our church. Cory had helped set his mother's clocks ahead while we were in Portland, but we forgot when we got home. I realized my mistake as soon as we pulled into the parking lot and stated, "I'm so frustrated!" From his car seat in the back of the van Zane said, "No, Mommy, you're happy. God loves you!" I'm so glad that God can use my two-year old to remind me of the truth.

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