Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Grade Zane

Today during school Zane said,
"It doesn't seem like they* think I'm very smart."
I asked "Why?" and he answered,
"Because I know how to do all these things, but they make me do it again and again and again."
He then went on to say,
"I'm not being silly. I mean it. It's true."
* "They" are those that write our A Beka homeschool curriculum.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adorable Brothers.

Our maiden voyage in the "canned ham."

What did we do?

We went to the Ranger Station, collected rocks, made milkshakes, brownies & S'mores. (Camping must include treats!) We chased butterflies and grasshoppers. Luke caught a squirrel in a box. (Those silly squirrels ate our Costco muffins! We went for a walk and when I came back a squirrel was in with the muffins. The Costco muffins. The yummy banana, pumpkin, and apple streusel Costco muffins!) We had lots of time for good, simple, old-fashioned fun.


The lake was very low. In fact, Cory's step-father, Bruce, didn't even put the boat in. It was too hazardous. Even though that was a bit disappointing, we still had lots of fun exploring. We spent quite a bit of time "sinker diving". Okay, so we didn't have to dive to recover the lost sinkers and other fishing tackle. We were able to just walk around and find the lures and such. I "caught" the only "fish"; a $10 fish-shaped lure.

The boys were REALLY TIRED on the way home.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Uncle Curtis and Aunt Melissa came to visit us this week. The boys love them SO MUCH.

Uncle Curtis lived with us for a short time when we first moved in to this house. Nearly five years later they still call our extra bedroom "Curtis' room".

Uncle Curtis and Aunt Melissa love the boys too. They even have college funds started for each of the boys!

During Curt and Melissa's time with us, the boys: played with Melissa's hair, went for a bike ride, listened to many stories read by Uncle and Auntie. They watched cartoons together. Carved a pumpkin and made another little art project.

They love it when Uncle Curtis lifts them up to touch the ceiling.

I haven't mentioned before that Aunt Melissa is PREGNANT. We are VERY excited. They will find out the baby's gender on October 6th. A day after Luke's birthday. The baby is due February 18th. A week after Zane's birthday.

The boys prayed so much (especially Cade) for this baby. Once they found out Melissa was pregnant and that their prayers were answered, they decided to pray that I would be pregnant too! I told them that Daddy and Mommy didn't want to have a baby right now. This made it even more fun for them to pray that we would have a baby! Those silly little boys.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Swim Lessons

Zane, Luke and Cade are all in swim lessons. They each have their own class, but fortunately each class is at the same time. We're in and out in about 1/2 hour. Zane is an Angelfish, Luke is a Shrimp and Cade is a Tadpole.

Olallie, I love you...

We went to Olallie Lake to pick huckleberries.
The lake was beautiful. The huckleberries were yummy. The family time was wonderful.Cory took this beautiful picture of Olallie. Good job, husband!
Corn on the cob at camp. Yummy.

Zane, Luke, Cade & Lolly go on a Hike with Daddy/Uncle Cory.
Zane caught a chipmunk in this box (he actually did it three times). What to do after it's in the box???

Monday, September 15, 2008

What were you thinking?

Today Luke did something that was not a good idea (I'll spare you the gory details). I asked him, "What were you thinking?" He answered, "I wasn't. Next time I'll think about what I'm thinking about."

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