Friday, May 27, 2005

It's been awhile...

It seems since I found out I'm pregnant with baby number three (due in August), I haven't spent much time blogging. My spare time has been used for napping...

So, for a much needed update:

Luke is quite the talker. On February 14th I wrote down the words that he uses. They are: bubble, outside, diaper, on, down, balloon, boom-boom, papa, dog, kitty, door, more, buck, hi, mom, dad, ball, cheese, hot, hat, bye-bye, I love you, what's that, open and eye. He has since added baby, batteries (4/18), Bronco, candy, ride, money and band-aid. He will actually TRY to say anything. It is a lot of fun. I must say most of his words are difficult to understand, but Cory and I understand the majority of it.

Luke is also very interested in potty training. He told me in the middle of February that his diaper was messy. He often times will tell me when he has had a bowel movement and he loves to be able to sit on the toilet like his big brother, Zane. I don't think he is physically ready to be trained, but his spirit is willing.

Speaking of potty training, I think Zane may be! He hasn't messed his diaper/underpants for around two months and seems to finally understand that making it to the toilet to go potty is also important. The night before last he got up at 2am because he needed to go. So far he has been dry two nights (not consecutively.) A funny story to remember regarding the period in time: Around March Zane went potty in his pull-ups while we were at the store. He asked me what he would get for it (treat) and I said that he doesn't get treats for going potty in his underpants; treats are for big boys that use the toilet. He then said that he was sorry, quickly followed by, "I forgive you" and then, "What's forgive you mean?"

Both boys are excited about the new baby. I think it would be fun if he has dark hair. One blonde, one red, and one brown/black. Curly would be great too!

The boys are also excited about the outdoors. They simply can't get enough of being outside. They are also crazy about the Bronco. I will not be surprised if in the future we have four Broncos parked in our driveway!