Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dolly [pardon me] Parton

After my recent post about Halloween costumes, I showed pictures to Luke and Cade of Dolly Parton so they could see who my mom dressed me up to look like one year.

Luke laughed at Dolly's pictures and said that if she tried to kiss her husband she might knock him down. Then he laughed and said, "She'd be good at football. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang." [No, I'm not joking. It surprised me too!]

And then Cade said, "She couldn't even kiss her husband." [And this, from a five year old! I don't know where he got this from.]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Head's up, Mom!

My dad dropped by today and wanted to take us to lunch. I quickly talked to the boys about finishing school after our lunch trip to Junction City and they agreed they would come back and do their school with a good attitude. When we arrived home, and it was time for them to follow through with their end of the deal, I found that they needed a reminder of our agreement. I added that if they were going to act naughty, then next time, if Papa came during school and wanted to take us to lunch, I would have to tell him we couldn't go.

Luke said, "We're not naughty. You wouldn't be telling the truth."

I replied, "I didn't say you ARE naughty; I said you are ACTING naughty. That is a big difference."

"Sorry, but I might not let you in my house when I'm older."


"Because I don't like you saying that," responded Luke, and then casually added, "Just a heads-up."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My mom did a great job of coming up with Halloween costumes for my sister, Joy, and me when we were young. She is, of course, the most creative person I have ever met. She never bought Halloween costumes, but could easily put together something original from her trunk of dress-up clothes. Here are a few samples of my mom's cleaver creations:

Joy, my friend Lori Frieze, and me dressed like Hillbillies.

Dolly Parton and a masked cowboy.

And my personal favorite: Michael Jackson. [Okay, so Mom didn't get the memo about Michael only wearing one glove. She's exceptionally creative, not perfect.]

Fast-forward twenty years. I now have three little costume-wearers to adorn with creative, homemade costumes and possess maybe 1/2 or 1/4 [or 1/32] of my mom's creativity. Mind you, we really aren't too enthusiastic about celebrating Halloween. If they go trick-or-treating, they usually go to family, church members, or our closest neighbors. My philosophy is that if little ones dressed in costumes can bring joy to some of our family or elderly friends, then I think that is a good reason to allow my boys to participate. Sorry. I had to chase that rabbit.

Back to costumes. Last year the boys were sick so I was able to escape the pressure. This year we celebrated with family at my cousin Sara's. Zane decided to be a spy, Luke wanted to be a University of Oregon Duck fan. Both those ideas were easy to do, but I was disappointed that I hadn't come up with some majorly creative idea like my mom would have done.

As for Cade, he said he wanted to be a butterfly. My thought; better now than later. You can get away with being a little boy butterfly when you're five. [And truthfully, I was a little excited to see Cory's reaction.] However, when we got to the store, all the little butterfly wings were gone. Cade saw some pirate accessories and determined that that was the new must-have costume. [I knew the butterfly stage would be short lived...]

Here are pictures of two of my boys with their adorable personalities making even the simplest costumes look good. Luke didn't want his picture taken until he had on a U of O hat to complete his outfit. Unfortunately we didn't find it until we were already running late. I keep trying to get a re-take, but it hasn't worked out.

I am already trying to think of something creative for next year. I have a really fun idea for a costume for Luke and, as of now, he likes the idea. Only time will tell if it comes together or if I again resort to some last minute costume of desperation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marry your mom?!

At a tender five years of age, Cade is still in love with me. He was very pleased to learn that Cory is three years older than me and may die first. He thinks that after Cory is in heaven that we might be able to be married for at least a year before I die. He added to the ongoing conversation on another day, "You know, when Dad dies he may have money left and then we could have it." I asked why we would need it and he said, "So you could buy a job." He also asked recently if when Dad is in heaven and we get married if the cops will "be after us." I told him that they might be, being that it is against the law for a mom to marry her son. Rather than being discouraged by the knowledge that our marriage would be illegal, he seemed to think the idea of evading the police sounded fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010

+ Silly +

There is plenty of silly to go around at the Gant house. I have proof.

Who knew that eating popcorn would require this kind of attire? Cade! That's who.

Who knew that swimming masks were not meant for water alone? Luke! That's who.

And who would have guessed that Cory [with his amazing eyelashes] would come home with his face painted to look like Jack Frost? Really, who knew?