Friday, March 25, 2011

Mohawks and more...

After filling my tank at the gas station today, I asked the boys to guess how much they thought it cost. Zane first guessed $100 and then changed to $50. Luke guessed $4 and Cade guessed $5. Zane won; he was closest. How much you say? $83.19! Eighty three dollars and nineteen cents! Yikes.

Cade called me in to the bathroom today to help him finish up on the toilet ["Wipe" sounds so crass, but I guess I have to say it for the sake of clarity.] After a few minutes, and more than one summon, I went to help. I took the opportunity to try and gently encourage him to learn to do this by himself and mentioned that one nice thing about learning to wipe oneself is that you do not have to wait for help. He countered with, "How did you feel when you were little and had to wait for someone to help?" I told him that I didn't remember how I felt about that when I was little. I then asked him if he thought I should "drop what I'm doing and come running" when he calls me. He said, " No, put it down and come walking."


"Mom, you know those zebra kids? The ones with lines on their heads [while using his thumb and finger to trace two lines from his forehead to the nape of his neck]. I like those kids. They look like zebras." Cade, age 5, describing a mohawk hairstyle