Sunday, April 19, 2009

The boys and I went Lady Slipper picking last week with my family in Drain. I was especially happy that my Grandma, age 87, came. Any event that she is able to attend is made more special because of her presence.

Lady Slippers grow in old-growth timber, each flower standing alone amongst the moss proudly displaying its beauty. They must be the best smelling flower in the world. I anxiously await their arrival each year.

We took tiny bouquets to each of the boys' "special people." At our church, many of the older ladies (grandma age) have been assigned a child as their "special person." Our boys have been blessed by the ladies that were assigned to them. They each receive cards in the mail & sometimes little gifts. They really enjoy the attention. I think we were able to brighten the day of each of the ladies and the boys loved making the deliveries.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Politically Correct?

Today the boys and I were out shopping and saw Herman, a friend from church. Before saying anything to me, Herman started talking with Zane. Within a minute or two Herman said to Zane, "You don't know who I am do you?" I told Zane that Herman was our friend from church. Zane then explained to Herman that at first he wasn't sure who he was and then Zane innocently added, "You know, you're not the only black person in the world!" I looked away from the shelf and toward Herman. I asked, "Did Zane just say what I think he had said?" We both started laughing and I turned red. My reaction embarrassed Zane. After Herman left, I explained to Zane, as simply as you can to a seven-year-old, why Herman and I were laughing and gave him a little lesson about being politically correct.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lick 'em

Zane came to me yesterday morning and told me that he has read over 60 pages in his Bible. I asked him what he read that morning. He said, with much expression, that he was reading about the time that Jesus was in the temple and the people tried to LICK him, but He got away! I asked, "Lick him?" and he said yes. I asked if he meant spit on Him and he said no. I then asked to see the story. He opened his Bible and found the passage in question. It actually said "kill" Jesus. Evidently, the best that I can surmise, Zane had a dyslexic moment and saw "llik" which when sounded out would read "lick."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Princess anyone? Anyone?

My niece, Lolly (3), has recently started to enjoy talking on the phone. The other day she asked me what the boys and I were doing that day. After patiently listening to my long list of to-do's, Lolly asked in a sweet little voice, "Are you going to play with your kids?" She suggested playing dragon, princess and prince charming. Although we didn't end up playing the game she recommended, I was thankful for the reminder to make playing with my boys a priority.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The humor of boys.

Tonight I was playing cars with the boys (something I don't do enough). One of the boys tooted and I said, "Someone just backfired." Luke looked at me and exclaimed while giggling, "It was me. I'm just going for a little ride!" I must say, I am surprised at just how soon little boys start thinking that passing gas is a form of entertainment.

Okay Tooth Fairy, we're ready!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Zane's two front top teeth are loose. One is VERY wiggly. Cory doesn't even want to see Zane wiggle it and I don't like it much either. However, seeing it in there with its deviant crookedness, staring at me, makes me want to pull it out! I don't like tugging on it, but getting it out seems to be the lesser of two evils. Zane is a brave little boy and pretty good about letting me tug on his teeth. [I have pulled out three of the four teeth that he has lost.] He gives me permission and I stop when he asks me to, until today...

Today, I got to tugging on his tooth and had a hard time stopping when Zane requested me to. The tooth is just so close to coming out! Finally, I let him go and he went back to his schoolwork. After awhile he came to me with his paper. He was suppose to write two sentences about his favorite breakfast. What he wrote didn't exactly answer the question, but it did make me laugh:
"I have the feeling that my mom will pull out my tooth while I'm eating."
As instructed, he also drew a picture to go with his sentence. A picture of me pulling out his tooth just as he was about to eat his breakfast doughnut! I laughed so much that he asked me, "Mom, are you going to put this on your blog?" How could I not?

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