Saturday, April 29, 2006

Captain Spunderwear...

Zane recently got a pair of suspenders from his Grandma Boom-Boom. He can't remember the right word and calls them spunderwear. Very funny. He also gets confused about country boy and city boy. He has a John Deere shirt that says "Country Boy." The other day I called him Hero because he held the door open for me. He normally likes to be called Hero, but that day he wanted to be called City Boy. I asked if he meant Country Boy and he said yes. Okay, Country Boy! I have heard him at other times around the house saying City Boy as though it was the name of super hero like Spiderman or Superman.

Cade has had a busy month. He started clapping (4/10/06), waving (4/20) and saying Dada and Mama (4/26). I thought it quite diplomatic of him to say both Dada and Mama on the same day, within an hour. I had thought he had said Mama one other time on a previous day, but wasn't sure. He has been saying Da, but wouldn't say Dada. Cade's top teeth poked through the gums today(4/29). They're giving him some trouble. I'm thankful for Tylenol.

Cade Roy

First bubble bath. Cade was a little interested in the bubbles, but preferred playing with the bath toys. Posted by Picasa

Mowing Together

Luke likes to help his Dad & I know Cory loves his help. Posted by Picasa

Working Hard

Our boys are good workers. Cory is doing a great job of teaching them to work and to enjoy it. Posted by Picasa


Having three boys can be exhausting, but we sure have fun! Posted by Picasa

So thirsty.

I guess if you're that just can't wait! Zane seems to really like the water from the bathroom faucet. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

God's Word

Zane has memorized his first Bible verse. Galatians 5:22-23a "But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he produces this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Luke can almost say the entire verse too! I'm excited that they're starting to learn scripture. Now I need to pick another verse for them. :o)

Cader the cutie!

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Loving Daddy.

 Posted by Picasa

Relaxing with Grandma.

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A weekend with Grandma Marsha

Riding the four-wheeler and lawn mower.

Planting flowers.

Raking leaves.

Baking cookies.


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April Update

Luke is such a tease. Today I asked Zane and Luke to go in the family room to check on Cade. Luke went in to check and then announced that Cade was playing in the dirt. Our large potted plant has been a main attraction for all three boys at one time or another. I rushed in and exclaimed, "He's what! He's playing in the dirt!" However, Cade was far from the plant and Luke was looking quite pleased with himself. He tricked mom!

Luke is not allowed to climb up on to the top bunk without permission and Cory and I are suppose to watch him. I scolded him one day recently and told him he didn't have permission to be on the top bunk. Zane replied, "I'll give him some of my permission...I've got lots."

On March 31st I went to check on the boys. They were both asleep, but Zane had stuffed three different stuffed animals into his pajamas. Silly boy!

I think it was March 30th that Cade started trying to clap. He continues to get better. I think he is trying to get his hands stretched out now. Before he was just hitting his fists together.

On April 8th Zane got into his first four-wheeler accident. He sure scared me! On the previous day Uncle Curtis had allowed Zane to be in charge of the accelerator and they both seemed to be having a great time. Aunt Melissa and I got such a kick out of watching them zip back and forth across the yard. Zane would take off and then Curt would bring things back under control. On the 8th, I realized this wasn't a good idea. Not only did it have the potential of teaching Zane to love speed (more than he already does), but he managed to gain control of the four-wheeler and ran himself and Grandpa Bruce into the sheet metal fence! He and Bruce both got jostled around a bit and ended up with a bruise or two. Thankfully, they were not seriously hurt. I learned my lesson and so did Zane. He said that he doesn't want to ride the four-wheeler again. He wants to ride Grandma's tractor (lawn mower) instead because it is slower.

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