Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you get your carpet cleaned, the stomach flu will come...

Words every mother does NOT want to hear, "Mom, wash my hands...I have poop on them."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sick Zane. Posted by Picasa

Sick day.

Zane and Luke were sick today. Zane threw up 4 times and Luke 6. They both had trouble with their bowels too. I don't think I've ever seen Luke so sick. It was surprising to see him get off the couch. When he did, he couldn't make it back. He would walk across the room and then lay down tired. Very sad. Both boys do good about using a bowl when they vomit. Even little Luke vomited in his bowl all by himself while I was in the bathroom cleaning up Zane. I wouldn't have even known about it had his bowl not provided the evidence. I sure hope they're better tomorrow. Zane still has a fever. Luke seems better. He wanted to be held tonight while I was making dinner. He was crying because he was hungry.

On another note: Cade was impatient tonight when I was feeding him and even seemed to want more. I guess he likes solid food.
Very sad. Posted by Picasa
Poor Luke. Posted by Picasa
You can see Zane's fever. Posted by Picasa
Luke couldn't stay awake to watch TV with Dad. Posted by Picasa
Zane slept for an hour on the runner in the kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A few more stories.

On Wednesday I told Zane we would celebrate his birthday with Papa and Boom-Boom on Thursday. This was nearly a week after his actual birthday and we had already celebrated with Cory's parents. Zane was concerned and asked, "I'm not going to be four anymore?" The years do go by fast, but fortunately not that fast.

Zane got into our dryer awhile ago and Luke was in the room with him. I was very concerned that Luke could have closed the door and turned the dryer on. I told Zane how that frightened me and explained to him why it was so dangerous. He in turn told me that he wanted to go to heaven because he wants to be first. (Right now he wants to be first in everything.) I told him Jesus gets to decide when he goes to heaven and that, even though he would be happy in heaven, we are not ready for him to go.

I fed Cade rice cereal for the third time today. He seemed to understand this time what I was trying to get him to do. Cory was watching him for the first time and I think he enjoyed showing Daddy his new skill. He did great. Soon we will be on to something new and more smashed peas. Poor kid.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A major update.

It has been awhile since I have recorded the funny things the boys say. I've plenty to write tonight. I will start with Zane, our first born who recently turned four. :o)

Zane has told me for awhile now (even when he was three) that he is planning to adopt babies when he grows up. He doesn't want to get married. He wants to build a big house (he even showed me where) and have all of us live together.

Zane asked that I pray for five more babies. I quickly told him that I would not be including that in our prayer time. I love my boys, but 5 more babies...I don't think so!

Last week Zane said that if I can't remember Daddy's name that I can call him whatever I want. He suggested calling him "Fish Food." I tried that with Cory and for some reason he didn't appreciate it.

Zane and Luke were playing the other day and had a pretend Daddy and Mommy. The Daddy was in and out of jail because he didn't wash his hands when he got home. The Mommy was sick in bed. She was vomiting and was too sick to get to the trash can, sink or toilet. She threw up on Zane's cowboy boot and he had to kick it off. They boys decided to take her a pretend bowl to throw up in. I asked Zane why she was so sick. He said she was pregnant!

Zane is confused by snow. For some reason he thinks the snow means it is Jesus' birthday. He even asked me this week when it snowed (for about an hour) if the snow was Jesus' body. I'm not sure why he thinks that, but it is rather interesting to me.

And now Luke stories...

When I ask Luke questions like "Why did you go potty in the tub?" or "Why did you go poop in your diaper?" he tells me, "Because God made us that way!"

When I ask Luke to do something he doesn't want to do, he says, "My hands are busy." He may have something in his hands or just have them folded. He got that phrase from me. He may ask me to do something and I'll say, for example, "My hands are busy right now; I'm doing the dishes." Now he is using it against me!

Luke, like other little ones, has trouble saying truck. He, of course, says a rather naughty version that starts with an F. We go back in forth practicing. I say truck and then he...doesn't. After about ten times he will say, "pick-up." I think that is a clever way to solve the problem.

And now our little Cade:

Cade starting eating rice cereal 2/13/06. He thought it was funny and made boat noises. He managed to spray the cereal pretty far.

Yesterday Cade went from a laying position to a sitting position all by himself. Once at Grandma's house and once at home.

Today I took him to the Doctor. Dr. Holo went on and on about how smart he is and that he could be the Gerber baby. She also said that he is doing several things you wouldn't expect to see until 9 months. Boy, she sure made me proud. She probably says nice things like that to every mother, but I sure enjoy hearing it. :o)
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New birthday bathtub drums. Posted by Picasa
Birthday movie. Curious George. Posted by Picasa
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