Monday, January 21, 2008

Overdue updates...


Zane lost his first teeth in December of 2007. They were his bottom front teeth. The first time was very amusing; it reminded me of childbirth! He was excited and scared. He didn't want to lose it and then he would be brave and yank on it. Then he would be running around the house so distraught. Then excited about the tooth fairy. He finally calmed down (probably because I had left to go goof-around with my sister & was no longer coaxing him to pull it out) and he just wiggled it out. The second one was less eventful. It was very loose and I asked him to wiggle it back and forth ten times. He did and it came out on the tenth one.

Grandpa Shug (Cory's Maternal Grandpa) died in December. Zane was sad, but then said, "I'm kinda happy for him because he gets his surprise at Christmas time." I asked him what surprise in order to make sure he was thinking what I thought he was. He replied, "Heaven." How wonderful is that!

Luke --

Awhile back Luke decided to be brave and try salad for the second time. He then said, "It tastes like the pit of yuck!" (Verbiage he acquired from a CD we listen to called Jungle Jam.)

Last night I found Luke and Cade asleep together in Luke's bed. I have no idea how they actually slept considering Luke was using Cade as a pillow!


Cade has a little ritual that he does when we're in the van (especially if I'm in the passenger seat). It goes like this:

Doing, Mom?

I answer (driving, riding, going to church, etc.)


Because...and then I ask, "Do we do this everytime, Cade?"




Cuz why?


Are you ever going to tell me why?


It is very funny. I think Cory gets the biggest kick out of it and wanted me to be sure and include it in the blog.