Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Zane spent nearly all of his money (even his special Sacajawea coins) on a Transformer. I was under the assumption that he was buying it for himself, but when we got home he wanted to wrap it up for Cade's birthday. I was very surprised Zane was giving it to Cade being that it was exactly what he [Zane] had been wanting. He later explained to me that it gives him so much joy to give gifts. His attitude toward giving is not new, he really does enjoy giving. The most touching part was hearing him explain that when you watch a person unwrap a gift that you give them it is like they are "opening joy". It is such a blessing to watch his face light up as he talks about his love of giving.

As I am sitting here typing, Zane has pulled up a chair and is reading what I type. He corrects me when he thinks I have the facts wrong. He said that he didn't spend "nearly all of his money." He contends that he still has lots of coins left. He also corrected, "I don't LOVE giving. I just like it a lot". That reminds me of another story worth blogging:

In our family, like in most, we have words that we do not use. However, I did not expect to add the L-Word to our list. Let me explain: Recently, I have tried to teach my boys that love is a very strong word. That perhaps we shouldn't say it so casually when we are talking about things like toys, cookies, shirts, etc. That we should reserve the word "love" for things that are very special to us like God, family, etc. Zane usually takes what I say to heart and this was no exception. He will now question us when he hears us say we love something and recently said, "Mom! You said the L-Word!"


This week I was trying to teach Cade, who just turned 4, how to wash his buns. While trying to soap himself up he said, "I have poop crumbs." Yes, it is a little crude, but it is also too funny to ever forget so I had to blog it.


I often ask my boys when they come to tattle, "Did/Could someone get hurt? Did/Could something get hurt?" Luke usually sighs and says, "Oh, I did it again." Zane's response is, "Yes! My feelings [got hurt]!"