Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010


TWYLA ROHDE is an amazing photographer. I'm so glad that I worked up the nerve to have our family pictures taken. Here is a sample of her magic.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I've been wanting to for years, but it is difficult. It makes me so nervous! I don't even understand people who enjoy having it done. But, finally, I made the call and scheduled the appointment. Then I had to wait two weeks. Two weeks to think about how I could help, what we should wear, what I should bring. Yesterday came and Brad and Twyla, our friends and photographers, arrived. We drove to a farm on the edge of town. Five people to catch at just the right moment: no blinking, no wrestling (unless asked for), look at the camera, be still, smile naturally, look comfortable, etc. Three of the five have small attention spans and don't see the importance of remembering this time in our family history. So, I bribed them. I brought "shiny pennies" to give them each time they did what Twyla said. And I brought cupcakes to celebrate if they did well. There were some meltdowns. Thankfully, they were just before and right after. Having pictures taken is a lot of work for little ones (and, therefore, everyone else involved). There were also some weather/lighting concerns. But, now it is done and I'm thankful. Thankful that I will have these photos to help me remember how blessed I am to have Cory, Zane, Luke and Cade. On this day, Mother's Day, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness as I reflect on how the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful family.

Soon, after a little more waiting and wondering and hoping, I will be able to share the photos that Twyla took. Until then, here is one from Cory who also brought his camera along. He just couldn't help himself.