Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Klamath Falls

We packed up our clothes and our kids and headed for the Running Y in Klamath Falls.
We also went to Crater Lake. There was a lot of snow as the boys enjoyed it. Especially Zane, who loves the snow. He even got into a snowball fight with a 77 year old lady. Speaking of snow, Zane taught Luke how to say it. Cory and I had tried without sucess. Luke previously said "no" and now can say sssssssssnow. Good job Luke. Thanks Zane! Posted by Picasa

Crater Lake.

Cory, Zane & Luke -- too close to the edge.
Lori and the 3 boys.
Luke in front. Zane in back. Great picture, Cory! Posted by Picasa

Catching up

Cade's is ten months today and his seventh tooth is through the gum, number eight is within sight. After he got his first bottom two I could see his top and thought they would be next, but a third bottom one came in first (~5/10/06). A smile with three bottom teeth is pretty cute. He learned his first ASL sign 5/25/06 on our way to Klamath Falls. Cory taught him "more" with the help of Cheerios. He has been using this sign a lot lately. He's a social little boy and I think he would have plenty to say if he had any words. As of today, it is still pretty much "Dada" and maybe "hi".

Luke is a good eater and will do pretty much anything. My mom recently offered him a dollar to try a frog leg. He ate it and then a short time later asked, "Where's my dollar?" Awhile ago he was getting out of the van and kept telling me something that I didn't understand. I told him I didn't know what he was saying. He thought about it and said, "I taught myself." Then I knew he had been saying, "I learned it." I think that is pretty impressive communications skills for a two-year old.

I recently decided to try to get this little whitehead/cyst thingy that was under Zane's skin. He wasn't happy about it and said, "I don't think you should be doing this." I said that I didn't think he would want this thing in his skin forever and he said, "I'll get new skin in heaven." Guess he wasn't worried about it...and, he was right, I shouldn't have been doing it...

Zane is great with directions. A few days after we returned from Klamath Falls we were headed down to Drain for a visit. We went by the exit we had taken to go to K. Falls and he pointed it out. I honestly believe that it wont be long before he is my little navigator. My sense of direction has never been good and his is excellent.


Cade enjoyed his first time picking strawberries.
But, cousin Lolly soaked it up!

What happened Lolly?! Posted by Picasa
Cade missed his Daddy's party, but woke up happy & presented Daddy with many award-winning smiles. Posted by Picasa


For Cory's 36th we enjoyed dinner and cake (except Cade, who was sleeping.)

After the cake, things got silly!
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