Friday, September 30, 2011

The Picking Patriarch

Poppy, our Picking Patriarch and orchestrater of all things fruit, sometimes takes us out for Chinese food after we pick. The boys love Poppy...and Chinese food.

Life is just a bowl of cherries.

Beautiful cherries.

Pickin' is fun for the boys: climbing trees and eating fresh fruit...

You can't eat a more fresh cherry than this...

Plus, there is plenty of time to be silly.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Luke lost one tooth and then so did Cade.

Then Cade lost another tooth...

...and Luke did not.

After about six months Luke went to the dentist....

...and had it pulled out.

Note: Having your mouth numb makes for a silly sideways smile.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Journey to Jogging

Four years ago my dad had heart surgery. We were fortunate that he had symptoms that warned him of a pending heart attack and that he was paying attention. Stints were put in and he was given another chance. He became a vegetarian [Well, mostly a vegetarian. I think he calls himself a 90% vegetarian.] and started jogging for the first time in his life. My dad, 90% vegetarian. My dad, a jogger. I would have never guessed! I'm very proud of him for taking his health seriously.

Six months ago I started my own journey to jogging. This was a big decision for me being that I am NOT a runner. I have never ran a mile before! [Well, maybe one time. I may have ran a mile the one day I was on the High School track team. Yep, the one day. I couldn't believe how much running they expected!] However, after my gym canceled 2/3 of my classes, I felt that it was a good time to start jogging. I was fortunate to have my friend, Margaret, join me.

One of my main goals for jogging was to run a 5k with my Dad. On Labor Day, we ran together in Run the Dam Loop at Cottage Grove Lake. He runs faster than me, but I was able to stay with him...barely.

Along my journey, Luke has also become interested in jogging. He set a goal a few months ago to jog a 5k before he turns eight. We accomplished that goal on September 17th, 2 1/2 weeks before his eighth birthday. I am very proud of him!

Note: In the picture below you can also see my sister, Joy, and niece, Lolly (6).

Margaret and I also set a goal of running a 5k together before the end of summer. Last Thursday, the last day of summer, we accomplished that goal at the Twilight River Run. I'm proud of Margaret. She has had to struggle with several health issues, but hasn't given up. Without her, I'm not sure I would still be jogging.

Not long ago I thought I would never be able to run a mile, let alone three. Now I'm thinking about how to run faster than my dad [Seriously. He's 26 years older than me! I've got pride.] and I'm considering an 8 or 10k in the summer.

2011 Huckleberry Hunt

We went huckleberry picking again this year in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The huckleberries were plentiful. The weather was beautiful. It was even warm enough to go swimming in a nearby lake. We have such a nice time in God's beautiful creation there that Cory and I would really like to stay a week.

My mom's main goal for the camping trip is to get a good picture of her grandkids. She made them matching t-shirts for this year's picture.

In our family photo last year, Cade was making a face that made him look like a chipmunk. My dad e-mailed the picture to me with the caption, "I've found the forth chipmunk: Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Cade! This year we all decided to make chipmunk faces. Oddly, after setting the trend, Cade now looks the least "chipmunky".

Summer Slam

A few weeks ago the boys and I went down to Drain for an extended weekend (Friday through Monday). We hadn't had much opportunity to visit our family in Drain, so we tried to make the most of our time. Here is a quick list of some the things we managed to do:

(1) Swimming in the Umpqua River near Elkton
(2) Blackberry picking (twice)
(3) Jogging with my Dad and then to breakfast (the boys slept through this)
(4) Wildlife Safari
(5) Pool party at the Drain pool
(6) BBQ with friends
(8) Church (twice)
(9) Reedsport Beach

Many thanks to our family for dropping everything in order to accommodate our wish list of things to do. If you're up for it, I think we should make Summer Slam a new tradition. We had so much fun!

I didn't take many pictures during our stay, but I did manage a few from our beach trip. It was one of those beautiful days at the Oregon coast which are seemingly hard to come by.

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