Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Huckleberry Hunt

We went huckleberry picking again this year in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The huckleberries were plentiful. The weather was beautiful. It was even warm enough to go swimming in a nearby lake. We have such a nice time in God's beautiful creation there that Cory and I would really like to stay a week.

My mom's main goal for the camping trip is to get a good picture of her grandkids. She made them matching t-shirts for this year's picture.

In our family photo last year, Cade was making a face that made him look like a chipmunk. My dad e-mailed the picture to me with the caption, "I've found the forth chipmunk: Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Cade! This year we all decided to make chipmunk faces. Oddly, after setting the trend, Cade now looks the least "chipmunky".

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