Tuesday, May 26, 2009


During Memorial Day weekend we spent some time in Sumpter, Oregon. My dad had a booth at the Flea Market selling wood and invited us to come along. It is a beautiful area as you can see by the gorgeous picture that my husband took.At the Flea Market the boys also had a booth. They sold snake neck-coolers, log cabin seed packets & balloons. Zane was very serious about their new business and delegated jobs to each worker; Zane sold the snakes, Luke was in charge of the seed packets, Cade was to sell the balloons and Lolly could sell Grandma Boom-Boom's coffee pots. Zane later said that, "Lolly didn't work out." She wasn't too interested in selling.

Luke went up to one lady and told her about the Douglas Fir seed packets that are marketed as Log Cabin Kits [my mom's creation]. She asked him, "If I plant the seeds will a log cabin really grow?" Luke, our budding businessman, responded, "Buy it and see."

We wanted to go gold mining while we were in town, but the busines
s was closed and we were not brave enough to go find a place on our own for fear we would inadvertently end up at someone's claim. While we were looking around, Zane said he thinks he knows why people who are searching for gold are called miners. He said it is because they say, "This is mine. This is mine. No one can have it, it's only mine."

Later that night we were sitting in a restaurant right next to an entrance with a "NO MINORS" sign. Zane asked, "Why don't they want people who look for gold to go in there?" Get it? NO MINERS! Those boys keep us laughing.

We also got to ride on the Sumpter Valley Railway steam-powered train. It was the first train ride for the boys, Cory and me [except for on the miniature train in Molalla]. It was also my Dad's first train ride and Joy and Lolly's too. My mom has been on trains before, but it was her first steam-powered trip. My father-in-law, Terry, and his wife, Loretta, were also able to come with us. It was a fun time for all and the scenery was beautiful.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go Poppy!

Two years ago my Dad nearly had a heart attack. He [We] were very fortunate that he had warning signs and did not ignore them. The Doctors put in stents to fix the blockage in his artery. Since then he has really tried to make changes in his lifestyle. He started exercising daily and doing competitive walks. He is now determined to become a runner. Recently, he even become a vegetarian [that was a surprise]. He is an inspiration to me & our family! I keep reminding him that I need him around for at least 15 more years* and I'm so glad that he is trying very hard to be healthy.

Thank you, Dad! I love you and I'm so proud of you!

* Why fifteen years? Good question. I truly want my Dad to be around much, much longer, but fifteen years would allow each of my boys to reach adulthood. I think I will continue telling my Dad each year, "Fifteen more years." That ought to do it. :-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The boys line up for the race. They look very serious, don't they?
Notice cousin Lolly right behind Zane. She ran with her stuffed friend, Chewy, and a headband like Poppy.


Yesterday the boys [and cousin Lolly] participated in a 400 meter [one lap around the track] fun run at Marist High School.

Cade had a volunteer that ran beside him. I don't know if he would have been able to do it without the encouragement. He thought that the "man [a HS student] was the nicest man in the world" and wanted to be his friend. Cade fell down once, but finished anyway. He didn't want to walk after th
e race and his knee is still bothering him a little today. I think that was a very long run for him!

Luke also did a great job & finished about 20 seconds behind Zane. He got a freezbie when he crossed the finish line. He said that he liked the race, but didn't like the way it felt when he was breathi
ng hard.

Zane really enjoyed the race and said, "At the end I felt really happy." I think he finished third overall. The first two kids were a few years older.

I'm very proud of my little boys and hope they will always enjoy doing things that help them be "healthy & strong."

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day Cory got the boys up, showered and dressed. I slept in [very nice!] and Cory took the boys to Fred Meyer. The boys picked out flowers to plant and Zane bought a Pepsi for me [something he had been planning as a surprise for quite awhile.] Cory also brought home biscuits, gravy and bacon for breakfast.

Zane told me that we needed to come home right after church because something might happen. As another surprise for me, the boys invited my parents, Cory's mom*, Aunt Joy & Lolly. Even though we had just been to Drain the day before Mother's Day, my parents still came. They didn't want to spoil the boys' plans. They even brought pizza and root beer and took me to Dutch Brothers for a free Vanilla Chai. [yummy!]

After lunch Zane rode his bike with me while I went on a 3 mile walk. When we got back, Luke and I went shopping together. I always enjoy spending time with the boys individually.

When Luke and I got back, Cory took us all out to dinner at a small diner called Mom's Snak Shak
. Then we went for a drive in the country. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I told the boys that when I see the flowers I am reminded that they love me. Cade has asked many times, "What do the flowers say now?" I tell him that they say my boys love me. He told me yesterday, "Us did that all for you 'cause us love you."
I am so blessed.

* We figured out later that Grandma Marsha really hadn't been invited. Zane delegated that job to Luke and Luke got a little confused and invited her to Father's Day instead.

Business Minded

One day the boys decided to start selling paper. They were all three on my bed working together to fold and tie little bundles of small notepad paper. They also put a sign in the window of our front door. In the following weeks when family came to visit they would try to make a sale and then split the money.

Then they decided that I needed a business. First they wanted me to cut hair and they put up a little sign. They expected people to start coming by for a haircut. However, I really don't like cutting hair. The sign came down.

Then they decided I should sell cookies and pizza. They put up signs. My dad came to visit and told them that they could not have the sign up in the window unless the product was available. So, I started making big cookies and freezing them individually. My mom said that she would buy them all if I brought them down to Drain. I explained that she would need to come to the "store." Later, I told Zane about her request and he said that we could deliver them...for one dollar. Where do they get this? It must be from their father who is always mulling over a new business idea.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


My boys are so sweet. I am thankful that God chose to bless me with them.

The other day I was getting ready for Bible Study and I told the boys that I needed to go and learn how to be a better wife and mom. They said that they didn't want me to go, that I am a good mom & that they love me just the way I am.

They (especially Zane) often talk about wanting to do something to make my day special and are currently trying to make plans for Mother's Day. From leaked information (they are not as good at keeping secrets as they want to be), I have learned that they have asked my mom to come. They also plan to acquire a Pepsi for me. Too cute!

Yesterday, Cade serenaded me with a wonderful song.

Zane & Luke decided to join in the fun.