Friday, July 08, 2011

Growing Up

I try to give my boys the opportunity to learn to do some "grown-up" things for themselves: make purchases with their own money, check out their own books at the library, handle their own banking transactions, etc. At Cory's birthday dinner they each were allowed to order their own meal. [Red Robin makes it easy being that the kids menu includes pictures of each choice. I had them circle what they wanted and then tell the waitress. They did a great job and the waitress commented on how well mannered they were.]

Today, Zane learned to bargain! He found a toy at World Market that was missing a piece. He still wanted the toy and asked if I thought it would be sold for less. I told him that he could ask when we got to the sales counter. To my surprise, he quickly agreed. [I wondered as we walked around the store if the clerk would think that I put him up to it.] We got to the counter and I made my purchase and then told the clerk that Zane had a question. He showed her the toy, explained about the missing piece, and then asked if it was worth less. [At this point, I mentioned that this was truly his idea.] She offered him the $4 toy for $2. After a moment of thought, he happily made the purchase.

It really enjoy watching them learn these life skills and know that they are gaining confidence with each experience.

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