Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been meaning to blog for awhile about Zane's gift of generosity. I am continually surprised by him. For Christmas (2009) he made it a priority to shop for all those close to him and did so on a small budget. If he got money from one Christmas celebration he would use that money to buy gifts for people at the next celebration. Here is a list of the gifts he gave:

Papa: Tic-Tacs
Boom-Boom: Bear ornament
Grandpa Bruce & Grandma Marsha: Elk ornament
Grandpa Terry & Grandma Loretta: Jerky
Aunt Joy: Snowman ornament
Daddy: Chocolates
Mom: Chocolates
Luke & Cade: Little electronic video games

I think he spent about $20 altogether and was so happy to give. He said that he doesn't like to spend money on himself so that he can make sure he has enough to get everyone else a present.

11/29/11 Update: Zane is still sad that he forgot to get Uncle Curtis and Aunt Melissa a gift. He continues to be a very generous boy; his savings account is reserved for giving and he rarely spends money on himself.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They keep me smiling. :-)

Cade (4 1/2) just said, "When I get to Heaven I'm going to say to Him, 'Thank you for bringing us to Heaven!' and then I'm going to jump up on Him and hug Him and kiss Him." 3/3/10

Would God be proud of me if I give him how much money is a car? How proud? Maybe he would give me a surprise when I get to heaven? Cade, age 4, 3/10/10

My leg elbows are dirty. Cade 4/6/10

The boys like asking me to marry them. Recently, Cade asked me to marry him and then presented me with a Lego creation. He hasn't wanted the other boys to take it apart and they think they need the pieces. I tried explaining to Zane and Luke that Cade meant it as a symbol of his love. The funniest part by far of all the silliness is hearing Cade yell, "GIVE ME MY SYMBOL OF LOVE!!" 4/14/10

Last week we drove down a street that had no outlet. When Zane saw the NO OUTLET sign he said, "How sad!" I asked him why he thought it was sad and he said, "They don't have anything to plug into."

"We all probably feel like we have a spot missing in us. The thing that we feel missing in us is our real home [heaven]." Zane, age 8 2/20/10

I was looking at our pictures on the computer and told Cade and Zane that the pictures were of "last Easter". Zane said, "It is? We never get one again!?" 3/30/10

Today I heard Zane and Luke talking to Cade. They were asking him if when he got older he would still want the Lego creation that he made. They said that if he did they were going to take a picture and blog about it so people would laugh at him. It seems like our new cyber world has created a whole new level for teasing. That's not good. 3/30/10

One of Zane's favorite things to do is fold paper into different creations. Luke was watching Zane and said, "You're going to be a paper artist; I just know it!"

Alan Aldrich from our church called. Luke answered the phone and when he brought it to me he said, "It's Alamo." Zane then perked up, "Elmo!?" Sometimes I feel like we are always playing some weird version of that old telephone game. You know the one. You whisper something into a person's ear and then they whisper is to someone else. It continues down the line until the last person says some distorted version aloud.