Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our police force -- no uniforms provided.

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Four Generations

Cory with his three boys, brother, dad and grandpa (maternal). Posted by Picasa

Silly Luke

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We love being silly!

Zane has grapes stuffed in his mouth.

Zane & Luke with their new head-lights.

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Luke's new glasses.

Luke is looking a little sad in his new glasses, but he was actually just being silly. He has been good about getting glasses. He wanted them! He said that he can't see very well and that he wants to be able to see the sky. Once he received the glasses I asked what he could see in the sky and he said, "God." He also looked closely at my face and said that I had stuff on it. He said it was dirt and when I asked him to touch where the dirt was he traced my nose and checks. I don't think he had ever seen my freckles before. The glasses have been a big adjustment. At first he would ask to take them off several times a day, but he doesn't do that anymore. I have heard that it will take about 3 weeks for his eyes to adjust. I'm praying that his eyes will get better and that the Doctor will be able to decrease the strength of his lenses. Posted by Picasa

Cade REALLY is into everything!

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August 2006

This has been a month of many changes:

As of 8/3 Luke has been in underwear and is doing g-r-e-a-t.

I took Cade's pacifier away on 8/4. I had heard that you could cut a hole in the end and each day cut a little more in order to gradually wean them. It didn't work with Cade. He tried to suck it, but ended up just chewing on it. It made him mad. I went to Wal-Mart on bought a new package of pacifiers in case I couldn't make it through the night with crying, mad Cade. However, he did pretty well and so I took the pacifiers back!!

Sunday, August 6th, Luke came out of Sunday School class with a sticker. I thought maybe he did something to earn it and so I asked him what the teacher said when she gave it to him. He replied, "Do you want this one or that one?"

On 8/7 Cade started walking. He took over twenty steps and then climbed up on the hearth. Now you rarely catch him crawling.

On 8/9 Cade started saying "uh-oh" and we have thought we've heard a few other words. My grandma and sister think he said "cracker." Today, Cory and I heard a good-bye. He says something like hello or hi. He also seems to like to jabber "tickle, tickle, tickle."

8/13 Cade turned one! We had a party for him on the twelfth and it was a lot of fun. We often call Cade "Cader" and so the party theme was "Cader the Gator". We decorated with alligators.

Cade's last day nursing was 8/16. Again, he got a little mad, but did fine overall. We also phased out baby food this month. Cade has a very healthy appetite and eats everything we do. I give him small bites, but he eats as much as his brothers and I think at times he eats more than me.

8/17 Cade learned to click his tongue.

On 8/18 Luke got glasses! He is farsighted. I am very sad that he has to wear glasses, but he does look cute in them.

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