Sunday, July 31, 2005

July 2005 parade Posted by Picasa
July 2005 parade Posted by Picasa

Zane's New Phase & Jeeps

Zane is nearly 3 1/2 and his newest phase is saying, "When I grow up..." He might ask me, "When I grow up can I be a firefighter and a daddy?" or say "I'm going to buy a motorcycle when I grow up." Everyday he is stating what he wants to do or buy or have when he grows up.

Yesterday Zane and Luke were in a parade together and Zane drove a little battery operated Jeep. It is amazing how well he can drive and change gears (high, low and reverse.) I'm quite impressed with him. The only sad part is that now Zane is very enamored with Jeeps and his dad is a Bronco man. There may be trouble in the future...

The One Word Communicator

Luke is quite good at communicating his thoughts even though it is just one word at a time. A couple examples from today:

He was talking about the parade he was in yesterday and said, "Parade. Candy. Throw. Throw. Loud." Translation: He threw candy in the parade and the parade was loud.

At dinner he said," Potty. Potty. Hurry. Now." Then we went to the bathroom and he sat down and said "Door. Shut. See (and shook his head no)." Translation: Shut the door I don't want anyone to see. (I've been trying to teach Zane about privacy/modesty and Luke is getting the message too.) Then when we went to wash his hands, he said "towel" when he was ready to dry his hands.

The other day he was trying to tell me he was hungry and kept saying "eat." I wasn't sure what he was saying and so I told him I didn't understand. He thought for a moment and then said "eat" in sign language. He is very patient if it takes awhile to understand what he is saying. I'm impressed with his language ability.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

GORGEOUS and smelly??

This last week Zane crawled into bed with me in the morning and put his arms around me. He whispered, "You are gorgeous. You're gorgeous because your big and can hold me." It was very cute especially because of the way he pronounces gorgeous. He then saw some lotion by my bed and said he wanted to put some on me because I smelled bad. (I prefer to believe that he was just saying that as an excuse to use the lotion...) He put lotion on my arms and I put some on his back. He said, "Thanks, Mom" as though I had just hung the moon.

A story to remember: Several months ago the boys and I went to my Grandpa & Grandma Cole's house. When we pulled up Grandpa was riding his lawn mower. Zane walked up to him and Grandpa turned the mower off. As he did the mower back-fired. I assumed that Zane would be scared, but he wasn't. He looked all around and said, "deer buck." He thought someone was shooting at a buck. What a boy. What a little hunter. What a Cole.

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