Saturday, October 23, 2004

W, Mickey and The Blankets

Zane's imaginary friends are W and Mickey (as in the mouse.) He plays with them right along. Today he pushed W down and W hurt his knee. I told W that I would understand if he wanted to go home because Zane wasn't being nice. However, after leaving our house, W just stared at Zane through the window. What a faithful friend.

Zane also talks to his blanket. We went to KFC today and I told Zane his blanket had to stay home and take care of the house. He kissed his blanket and told him where we were going and apologized that he wouldn't be able to come along.

Speaking of blankets, Luke has a favorite one too. It is a very soft, cream, lap blanket that I bought several years ago before I had children. I truly wanted a baby, but pregnancy eluded me. Only our creator knew that I would one day wrap up my precious Luke in that blanket and it would be his favorite. Thank you, God.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Missing "Y" and ASL

Within the last week Zane has stopped calling us Daddy and Mommy. We are now just Dad and Mom. I don't even now how or why it happened. One day he just dropped the "y". He sounds so much more grown up when calling us Dad and Mom. I'm not ready for the change...I miss the Y.

Luke has started using American Sign Language (ASL). Today he saw our dinner and signed "eat". He can sign "please" if you ask him to and occasionally "thank you" although I don't think he understands them yet. He seems very ready and eager to learn. It is exciting to watch his communication skills develop, both verbally and through sign.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Sunday Attire

Yesterday, before I got dressed for church Zane told me he wanted me to wear a dress. It was a very rainy day so I chose pants. When I came out of the bedroom Zane said, “Pants. Couldn’t find any?” I explained that I wanted to wear pants because of the rain. Zane responded, “Zane sad.” Of course I then went and changed into a skirt. I came back out and turned around. I asked how I looked and he said, “Better.” Zane thinks dresses are for church and dancing. I’m not sure where he learned that, but I’m hoping I wont have to wear a dress every Sunday!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Zane Rules

Zane told me today that I can not say EVER. I told him to never, ever push Luke in the bathtub. He explained to me that EVER was his word and I can not say it!