Monday, October 31, 2011


Cowboy Cade.
Zane the surprised Park Ranger.
Luke disguised as a bunch of red grapes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bonding by way of accident

Sometimes bonding moments between parent and child happen by accident. Literally. My friend recently shared with me just such an accidental bonding moment. After agreeing that accidents like this must happen to everyone and, no doubt, could even happen to me, she agreed to let me share her story. I will not use names in order to protect the innocent.

After arriving at the library and checking in books, she and her three boys {she has three boys just like me} went to the restroom; she in the girls and they in the boys, of course. Trying to hurry, she decided to squat over the toilet instead of taking the time to line it. She soon felt an uncomfortable warmth trickle down and a small puddle quickly formed at her feet. Having not had anything quite like this happen since high school, she handled it with surprising calmness. Thankful for the paper towels and water supply, she quickly cleaned up. While tying her coat around her waist, and therefore hiding all evidence of the accident, she began contemplating what to do; should she go home or could she possibly still get away with doing a couple necessary errands?

Just then there was a tap at the bathroom door. She opened the door and there stood her three boys. The youngest one, age six, looking concerned, said, "Mom, I've got a big problem." He then pulled up his jacket and revealed a large wet spot on the front of his pants. My friend smiled, turned around and lifted her jacket. Turning back around she saw her three boys with their eyes wide open and jaws dropped. The youngest one, who had been assured by his big brother that he was going to be in trouble for his accident, said, "Really, Mom!? Really?" My friend nodded. While giggling, she then whispered that perhaps they had better head home and clean up. The boys, still shocked but joining in the quiet laughter, readily agreed.

I have no doubt that these three little boys {who just happen to be the same age as mine} will never forget the day that they learned THEIR MOTHER occasionally has accidents too.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Luke's 8th Birthday

Luke's birthday was extra fun this year. We took the day off school [a homeschool perk] and Grandma Marsha, Aunt Melissa, Cousin William and Cousin Peyton came to visit. We went to McDonald's for lunch and took cupcakes for dessert.

Later, Luke celebrated with friends. This was his first "kid party" and he had lots of fun and received many nice gifts.

The next day, my parents, sister and niece came for dinner. Grandma Boom-Boom made her famous pizza and Aunt Joy made a special bowling ball cake. The boys LOVED the trick candles that kept re-lighting themselves.

After dinner, we headed to the bowling alley for some more family fun.