Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Cory and I usually try to schedule a date on or around Valentine's Day each year, but this year I thought of a new plan that would be special for us and involve the boys.

The plan: Cory and I would go on a date ... in our vintage trailer ... parked in the driveway. The boys would be our servers and entertainment.

First, I set the table in the trailer: tablecloth, cloth napkins, candles, music, wine glasses for sparkling cider, etc.

Then I fixed dinner: salad, chicken, baked potatoes, corn and rolls. Cheesecake for dessert.

I went over the idea with the boys. I made them a list and gave them a timer. We had two-way radios in case they needed me or I needed them. Plus, two-way radios make everything more fun.

After they met Cory at the door and directed him to the trailer, their list of jobs looked something like this:

1) BRING ROLLS AND ASK ABOUT DRINKS. Henry Weinhard's Root Beer or individual-sized Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider.


3) Wait 8 minutes. During this time Cory and I ate our salad that was already on the table and the rolls the boys brought.

4) MAIN COURSE. Zane would bring the prepared plates from the oven, one at a time (with oven mitts, of course). The little boys were in charge of opening doors for him and carrying the umbrella (yep, raining).

5) Wait 8 minutes.

6) ENTERTAINMENT, round one: Zane came to preform magic tricks. He wore a cape. He came up with some clever ideas. He was cute.

7) Wait 8 minutes.

8) ENTERTAINMENT, round two: Cade and Luke came to play music. Luke played the ukulele and Cade played a cardboard wrapping-paper tube. The sound of giggles accompanied the instruments. They were cute.

9) Wait 8 minutes.

10) DESSERT. They brought cheesecake that was sliced and on dessert plates in the refrigerator.

During their breaks they ate the meal and dessert that was waiting for them at the dining room table.

Cory and I have celebrated Valentine's Day together nineteen times. As time marches on, I have forgotten the details of most of them. This is one Valentine's Day that I will never forget.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Of the three boys, Luke is definitely the most creative with his nighttime attire. I laughed out loud when I found him like this; he reminds me of Ronald McDonald.

Cookie Dough

Remember when mom used to make cookies and you and your sibling would each get a beater from the mixer to lick clean? Those were the days. Now, thanks to Kitchenaid, brothers are forced to share one beater and things can get...complicated.