Monday, July 12, 2010

Let me explain...again

Zane told me this morning, "I don't understand why Cade frustrates me when he knows that he is going to get hurt." After thinking about it for awhile I later told Zane that I think it is because Cade wants his attention so much that he doesn't care if he gets good attention or bad attention. Zane responded, "So he really does want to get hurt." I think he missed my point and I had to go over it again to try to help him understand and be more empathetic.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Cade is still wearing Pull-ups at night. In the morning if he is wet he takes the Pull-up off and wears only his pajamas (no underwear) until it's time to shower. He used to say to me, "Mom, is it okay if I go commando?" however, recently he got a bit confused and began saying, "Mom, I'm going Taekwondo."

Speaking of Taekwondo, my niece Lolly has been taking lessons and my mom cannot remember the word Taekwondo. It seems each time she mentions it to me it comes out a bit different. One of my favorite versions: Kwon-fondue.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I recently asked Cade if he wanted waffles for dinner. He replied, "YES! You are a genius!"


Today we have Zack, age 7, over to play. I made a picnic for them to eat outside in their fort. After awhile Luke came in the house holding his neck. Here is how our conversation went:

Next time they ask if Zack can come over and play, say no.


He hurt me!

What did he do?

He hit me in the neck with a cantaloupe [ball]. Luke giggles because he thinks that sounds funny.

You really don't want him to come back?

Well, he can come back, but don't give him cantaloupe.


In June we had a Palmer Family reunion. Luke spent a lot of time pushing Cade on the swing. I was very proud of him and later told him so. He said, "I want to get stronger" then added, as he threw his thumb over his shoulder pointing toward Zane, "So I can beat him up!" Humorous, but his motivation did somewhat negate the kind deed.


This morning I showed Zane a video of a real car that transforms into a plane. I knew he would like it because he often talks about inventing something like that. As he watched the video he said, in a quite awestruck sort of way, "My dream. It's possible. It's possible. It's possible."