Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Movie Time

Watching a movie (Little Bear) & eating popcorn with cousin Lolly! I wish this picture could really show you just how cute it was. They must have sat there for an hour or more. When I cut them off from the popcorn (after their fourth cup) they started to get a little restless.


D-R-I-P / D-R-O-P

I have two fun stories to tell about drip and drop.

First - Zane was doing his school work and read for the first time the words "drip" and "drop." He was confused by it and said, "I don't think they say it the right way. They must not be from Oregon." I asked him how he thought "drip" and "drop" should be spelled. He said, "Jrip" and "Jrop". Just to clarify what he was saying I asked him to sound out his version phonetically. He sounded out each letter clearly, J-R=I-P. He even had trouble believing me that those two words actually do start with the letter "D". Later he said, "I don't like their language."

Second - Luke seems to like trying to decide which parent he loves the most. When I'm on top I try not to make a big deal out of it. When Cory's the bigger love then I usually say that I'm glad because his daddy is a good man and I want him to grow up to be like his Dad. Lately, when determining his favorite, he has said, "I think I like you a drop more than Dad," or "I love Dad a drop more than you." Last week, on our way to Drain, he said that he loves Grandma Boom-Boom a drop more than either of us. When Grandma later asked him if he had said a drip or drop, he said both. So he loves her a drip & a drop more than dad or mom. I don't believe it! :o)