Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cade Roy is growing up...

Cade is growing up fast. I think I see two little teeth starting to come in already. Plus, today when I was taking his picture on our bed (see below) he rolled over many times from his belly to his back. In fact, I had trouble keeping him on his tummy for the photo shoot. Our bed may have a slight slope and therefore it doesn't really count as the "first" to me. I'll wait until he can do it on the floor. He also seems to be pushing up with his arms some already. He likes to laugh and is such an easy baby. I am thankful for him.

Luke -- named his hands last week Andy and Zane. Last night Andy was pushing me and one of the two little guys couldn't keep himself under control at the video store. It wasn't Luke's was Zane or Andy. He also noticed today that I started to pull out without my seat belt on. He said, "No seat belt mommy." I buckled myself in and he said, "Thank you." It's nice to know I've got three little boys and a husband to keep me safe. :o)
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