Sunday, January 16, 2005

Update on The Boys

I didn't write about Zane's first prayer. I wish I would have. I think it was over a month ago. I do remember that he thanked God for "his hands, his sticky hands." (They had food on them.) This week he said his second independent prayer. He thanked God for Zane's food, Mommy's food, Daddy's food...he's not eating (Cory wasn't home), and Luke's food before he said Amen verbally and in ASL.

Last week Zane told me that God was going to turn the rain back on. We walked out the front door and Zane yelled up to the sky, "Are you gonna turn it on God!"

Luke's eighth tooth is coming in as well as a molar or two. They seem to be hurting him quite a bit, especially at night. His vocabulary is continuing to grow. He now tries to say "thank you." Many of his words would be difficult to understand without interpretation. But it is so fun to hear him try and mimic what he is told to say. Luke is also able to do small tasks that I ask him to do. For example, I may ask him to go to his room and get his blanket or take his coat and put it in his room. He will also put his nose on the wall if asked. I haven't asked him to do this because he is in trouble (although he did learn it from Zane who was in trouble), but because it is so cute! I love this stage because he can provide tangible proof that he understands what I'm saying.