Saturday, January 15, 2011


Recently I made a pasta dish for dinner that has peas in it. Zane is not fond of peas, but did a pretty good job of eating them without complaining. I complimented him and he responded that he didn't let the "pus" out while he ate them. Apparently he swallowed them whole.

Our friend, Breanne, came and spent the weekend with us. At bedtime Cade prayed that she wouldn't find anyone else to marry [he has proposed to her several times]. Zane then prayed that Cade would understand that that probably wasn't going happen.

Zane was working on a spelling test and asked me if he spelled two of the words that he had been struggling with correctly if I would be, "super, duper, exclamatory happy." I think it is funny that a third-grader uses the word exclamatory.

Zane often reads himself to sleep at night. I am glad that he enjoys reading and I try to encourage him by getting books that I know he enjoys. For an early birthday present I gave him a book from the Flat Stanly series by Jeff Brown. He read the entire book tonight -- all one hundred pages! 2/6/11

Zane is not looking forward to being nine on Thursday (2/10). He would rather that his age not be mentioned. He has come to me a few times blinking back tears and swallowing a lump in his throat because he is "growing up too fast." I know this is a result of hearing my mom and me talking about how fast time is going. I guess we better have those conversations in private from now on. 2/6/11

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I mentioned to my mom tonight that I hadn't officially blogged anything since August. She was surprised and concerned that I wouldn't have a record of the boys' saying/doings for the past six months. Her comments urged me to finish many that I started and jot down a few more, like this moment with Cade:

I ask, "Cade, What are you thinking?"

"Let me show you!" he responds, and then gives me a huge hug and kiss.

Moments like this melt my heart and, with the help of my blog, will be treasured forever! Thanks, Mom, for encouraging me to get back on track.

Zane's ideas...

‎"The stuff I want to do [for a job when I grow up] doesn't really have to do with words or numbers." Zane, 9/20/2010

Zane said yesterday that he thinks that cars should be germ-powered because you wouldn't run out of germs. If your tank was empty you could just say, "Okay, everybody get out and spit in the tank!"