Monday, June 08, 2009

Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...

On June 12, Cory and I will have been married for 16 years. Our pending anniversary has caused me to reflect upon our years together...

I first saw Cory Gant from across the parking lot at Boise Bible College [BBC] in 1990. I was visiting my sister during Spring Break. When I saw him, I asked my sister, "Who is that?" and she told me that his name is Cory. I said, "Cory and Lori, wouldn't that be cute!" My sister then informed me [as big sisters do] that I did not have a chance. I responded, "You never know what will happen."

Two years later, right before the beginning of my second year of college at BBC, Cory and I were both in the wedding of our close friends, Scott & Julia Riggan. After the wedding Cory asked me out on our first date.

In December of that year I was trying to hint about what I wanted for Christmas. I didn't want to tell him because then it wouldn't be special, right? I would only tell him that it started with a P and ended with a G. After Christmas he apologized for not giving me a Promise rinG. I didn't know what he was talking about. I wanted the Precious Moments muG that we had seen together in the mall. I did end up with the mug; although, I can't remember how. I saw it today in the cupboard and laughed as I remembered the story that goes with it.

Cory never did buy me a promise ring, but he did propose on either February 6th or 7th [the anniversary of both my paternal and maternal grandparents is the 7th, so I hope it was that day] in McCall, Idaho. During the proposal he asked, as we danced in the falling snow, not only if I would go to the Valentine's Day banquet with him, but if I would also be his valentine for the next 70 years. I agreed, but I do wonder what will happen after 70 years. I guess we will get a chance to evaluate our marriage. I think it would be fun, at 89 and 92, to renew our vows.

Before our wedding, I had two bridal showers. One shower was in Boise at my sister's house and one was at my home church in Drain, Oregon. At the Drain shower, I received a card from Shirley Miller [she was my Grandpa's school teacher] and the truth of her words have come back to me many times over the years. I laughed when I first read it aloud at the shower, but I also thought it a little odd to bring up something so unpleasant at such a happy time.

Best Wishes as you start your married life.
You are joining the ranks of - Do the dishes, sweep the floor, cook, make the bed.
Do the dishes, sweep the floor, cook, do the wash and iron (maybe).
Do the dishes, sweep the floor, cook, but the dishes are new, the husband is new so enjoy it all.

God Bless
Shirley Miller

We were married June 12, 1993 in Eugene at Westside Christian Church by Bill Compton and although housework can be overwhelming, like Shirley joked/warned (I'm not sure which), Cory, and our life together, is worth every minute of it. I have never met a man that could be a better match for me and believe that I am a better wife because of Cory. I thank God for our happily-ever-after and give Him the credit.

And, as I reflect on marriage, I am also extremely thankful and encouraged by so many of my friends that are also happily married. I love reading, on Facebook, the little love messages that my friends and their spouses leave for each other. What a blessing. God is so good. Thank you, God, for marriage.