Wednesday, March 22, 2006


"My plans are making your plans not work very well." Zane C. Gant 2/22/06

Today in the mall Zane pushed around the umbrella stroller Cade was riding in. Luke either held onto the stroller, which Zane didn't like very well, or walked near us with only a little dawdling. It was so nice to have Zane's help and he looked adorable strolling his little brother everywhere. It was quite enjoyable. I actually had both arms/hands free...and nothing to do with them! A rare moment indeed.

Tonight I caught Zane standing up in the top bunk of the bunk beds and told him he better lay down (so he doesn't get hurt and to hopefully get him to sleep) or he would have to sleep in the crib. He looked at me with an expression that said "Silly Mom, don't you know that sleeping in a crib is fun!" and said, "I like to sleep in cribs." So, of course, then I had to tell him he couldn't and to just lay down.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Asleep in the new bunks.

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Going, going....going,....gone (hopefully)

Sometimes it takes for-ev-er to get out of the house. On Sunday, after our naps, I thought we would take a stroll to the church. The boys woke up and I changed Cade and Luke's diapers. Then, packed some dinner for Cade. I started to get on Luke's shoes and coat and began telling Zane repeatedly to get his coat and shoes on. Then I got a phone call. I got off the phone ten minutes later and smelled something bad. I changed Luke's smelly diaper and then walked out to the kitchen. Same bad smell. I changed Cade's really smelly diaper...and his clothes. Got the kids into the garage and into the stroller. Forgot Cade's pacifier. Went back into the house and got the pacifier. Strolled out of the garage and closed the garage door. I thought we were all set and started down the street. Then I remembered that I had not checked to see if the front door was locked. I went back to the house, found the door had not been locked, locked it and finally, finally we were on our way. Sometimes the drama of getting out is worse, but fortunately most of the time it is much easier. :o)

Other points of interest:

March 3, 2006 Cade is crawling. 3/4 Cade figured out how to use his walker. 3/10 Cade's last official night in our bed. 3/11 Cade pulled himself up onto a short chair. 3/12 Cade was dedicated at Santa Clara Church of Christ. 3/13 Cade is seven months old and an absolute joy to have in the family.

Luke hasn't been sleeping through the night very well. He gets up crying seemingly every night lately and is not able to tell us why he is crying. On Wednesday night he didn't come to our room (which is unusual) and cried that he wanted Mommy to hold him. The part that melts my heart is that he also started crying for Zane to hold him. Can you imagine, our little 2 year old crying to our 4 year old, "Hold you Zane! Hold you Zane!" Too precious and sad. Zane apparently slept through his pleas and Mom and Dad were trying to have some "tough love" in hopes of getting him to sleep through the night again.

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